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The average Stony Brook home owner opens and closes their garage doors over 1500 times per year. That's certainly a lot of use and wear and tear. A garage door is an excellent investment that increases the value, security and safety of your home. It's an asset that protects stores and secures your possessions, vehicles and other belongings. Not many people realize that it's the largest moving part of their home and needs to be maintained through out the year and tuned up annually. The purpose of this is to keep your garage door operating smoothly and efficiently for longer. Neglected issues with your garage door may seem small, but can ultimately progress and become costly repairs and possible replacements. If you are in need of an annual tune up or repair, call Stony Brook Garage Doors Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors. 631-736-0369.

DIY Maintenance Tips

Luckily there are some DIY maintenance tips that you can do in Stony Brook without the assistance of professionals. Taking a few minutes out of your day can keep your garage door functioning better, for longer and prevent further future maintenance.

  • Keep your door clean with an all purpose cleaner. Wiping down your door is a great way to keep your door looking sharp. Remember, your garage door accounts for 30% of your curbside appeal. This simple task also helps you keep an eye out for dents, chips, warping, rust, and cracks in your door. Fixing these issues sooner can prevent complete replacement of your garage door.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the tracks. This will ensure that your door opens and closes smoothly, preventing possible jamming.
  • Keep the sensors to your auto reverse system clean. An issue with your auto reverse system can be as simple as a dirty eye lens. Use an all purpose cleaner to wipe down the eyes of your sensors so they can see.
  • Listen. You open and close your garage door enough to know the way it's supposed to sound. If you start to hear odd noises and screeching, don't ignore it. Call the professionals before it gets worse.
  • Tighten loose parts. Over time, bolts, nuts, screws, and roller brackets can become loose. Use a socket wrench to tighten them.
  • Check your bottom weather stripping seal. After a while it can crack and tear. Replace if necessary. This helps keep elements, pests and dirt outside where it all belongs.
  • Test for improper spring balance. Manually open your garage door half way. If it does not stay on its own, it's time for a new spring.
  • Have your steel and nylon rollers inspected twice a year.

he Importance of Garage Door Repair

  • Not All Repairs Are DIY: Certain parts of you Stonybrook garage door such as the tension cables and springs, contain a tremendous amount of force. It is extremely dangerous for someone who is inexperienced, or untrained to handle repairs on these components. Garage door technicians are expertly trained to handle these jobs properly. The force behind the cables and springs is enough to seriously injure, or even kill someone. If you are experiencing issues, such as a garage door that has trouble opening, slams shut quickly, or you hear what sounds like a fire cracker going off when you attempt to operate your door, don't hesitate to bring in the pros. Call Above & Beyond Garage Doors to repair your garage door with smooth, efficient service.
  • Neglect Will Have Negative Consequences: Ignoring signs of malfunction, or damage, no matter how small or superficial they may seem will have negative consequences. The more time that goes by, the worse these issues will get and the more costly repairs will be. For instance, damage such as cracks, dents, chips, warping, etc., that's neglected, can over time leave your garage door so damaged that your only option will be the full replacement of it. Aside from that, the belongings and valuables that are stored inside your garage can be ruined as well. Each component of your garage door has a job to do. If something breaks and is not taken care of, it will eventually spread and effect the longevity of your door and its system.
  • Uninvited Guests: Many people store items of value in their garages. In a lot of cases, the garage door is even another entrance to your home. A broken or damaged garage door can be a beacon for intruders and burglars. The security of your family and belongings can be at risk if your garage door is not properly maintained or repaired.
  • Safety: The safety of your family and home is a top priority. A malfunctioning garage door can lead to serious injury such as entrapment. The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part of a home. Broken springs and cables can lead to the uncontrollable crashing of your door. This can in turn lead to devastating damage and injury. Fixing your garage door and properly maintaining it will prevent unnecessary accidents.

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Even with regular tune ups, maintenance, and preventative measures, garage door issues can happen. Stony Brook Garage Doors Repair Company, Above & Beyond Garage Doors is a fully licensed and insured company that guarantees quality work.

A 24 hour line is offered in the case of emergencies and appointments are made at your convenience. Technicians arrive promptly in fully equipped trucks to ensure same day service. Every Above & Beyond Garage Door team member is thoroughly trained in a wide variety of brands and styles for quick, smooth service.

Receive a free estimate and have all of your questions and concerns answered by the pros. All options will be discussed before a job is done. If you choose Above & Beyond Garage Doors, you're choosing an honest company you can trust. Call to schedule an appointment today at 631-736-0369 and visit us at

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