Your garage door is one of the most prominent features of your home. If you’re looking to enhance it with warmth and style, then the Advantage Carriage House Insulated Garage Door is sure to fit your personal aesthetics. Steel carriage house style doors have become very popular over the years due to their rustic charm, low maintenance, and practicality. This door has the timeless look of a swing-out barn door but functions like a standard sectional garage door for modern convenience. You can keep all the essentials such as safety, reliability, and cost-efficiency while adding the distinctive carriage house look to the feel of your home. Choose from an array of stained and painted finishes. An embossed wood grain texture adds the appeal of a classic carriage house door. Decorative hardware and windows with detailed trim styles will compliment a variety of architecture. This makes matching an Advantage Carriage House Insulated Steel Garage Door with your abode simple and easy. Insulation helps regulate temperature and keep your belongings from being damaged by time and the elements. The traditional elegance and sleek, modern day look of this door gives you the best of both worlds while maintaining long lasting durability and strength.

Three Layer Construction with a Choice of Beaded or Raised Panels

For homeowners or home builders who want the timeless look of carriage house doors, General Doors offers the Advantage Carriage House, a door that is distinguished not only by the improved appearance of larger windows and fine detailing, but also by energy efficiency, quality features, and low maintenance.


  • Three-layer Construction using full 26-gauge galvanized steel skins inside and outside
  • Choice of raised or beaded panel design; swing or tri-fold style panel arrangement
  • Sandwich-type construction with 1-3/8” polystyrene insulation, pressure bonded between two skins of 26-gauge (.017) G60 steel
  • Steel is rust-proofed with hot-dipped galvanizing, pre-painted on both sides with a primer, and finished with a top-coat of baked on polyester for an exterior paint thickness of 1.0 mil
  • Three-layer construction provides a calculated insulation value of R-6.7, along with exceptional strength and a solid feel during operation
  • Finely detailed wood grain surface with deeply embossed panels for a sharp, well-defined appearance
  • Larger windows provide a more accurate and appealing design
  • Double tongue and groove joint for tight seal between sections
  • Thermal break between steel skins
  • Heavy-duty hardware and standard design full leaf hinges
  • Lifetime limited warranty against rust-through on door sections; three-year hardware warranty

“Lifetime Rust-Through Warranty”

  • A standard feature of the Advantage is our tough, anti-corrosion protection inside and out
  • 1-3/8” thick Polystyrene Inner Core
  • Base steel
  • Hot-dipped Zinc Coat (Galvanized)
  • Primer Coat
  • Baked-on Polyester Top Coat

Style Options

Details are what separate finely designed doors from ordinary doors.  Details define style.  That’s why Advantage Carriage House doors feature deep beaded or authentic looking raised panels.  Also choose either Swing or Tri-fold panel arrangement.

Door Colors

  • Arctic White
  • Almond
  • Sandtone

Available in three color choices.  Although doors should not need repainting, a custom color can be field applied.

Window Options

General Doors’ Advantage Carriage House doors are available with either two windows (long panel) or three windows (short panel), plus several distinctive design trim styles that work with a variety of architecture.  Wider doors have different layouts.  Color matched frames and design trim inserts that snap-in and snap-out for easy glass cleaning are standard.

Decorative Hardware

General Doors’ decorative hardware is an ideal way to customize an Advantage Carriage House door.  Inspired by antique carriage door hardware and available in wrought iron or flat black, this finishing touch can transform the look of any door and even the look of your home.

There’s an Advantage Carriage House Door for Every Garage

  • 3-Section door means more glass area
  • Sandwich-type construction with 26-gauge steel on both sides
  • Decorative hardware available in wrought iron or flat black
  • Finely detailed beaded panel provides more authentic detail
  • Exclusive center bead enhances overall appearance
  • Unique, double tongue-in-groove joint with thermal break
  • Double contact bottom seal
  • Lifetime limited warranty against rust-through and/or delamination of door face
  • Green Building Benefits such as energy savings from insulation value, recycled content, and product longevity