Model SRP Series Garage Door Is Available In Non-Insulated and Insulated

We have captured the timeless elegance of a raised panel door and combined it with the durability, security, and low maintenance of pre-finished 24-gauge steel. Compare our Steel Raised Panel (SRP) model with any other make of steel door. The manufacturing quality and superior appearance are readily apparent after installation and for years to come.


  • Our 24-gauge construction is 17% thicker than 25 gauge and 31% thicker than 26-gauge
  • The SRP is 2” thick Pan-type door constructed with full 24-gauge steel (.022 thickness)
  • Steel is rust-proofed with hot-dipped galvanizing, pre-painted on both sides with a primer, and finished with a top coat of baked on polyester for an exterior paint thickness of 1.0 mil
  • Finely detailed wood grain surface with deeply embossed panels for a sharp, well-defined appearance
  • Raised panel sizes of appropriate proportions and spacing ensure all door sizes have an authentic raised panel look
  • Rivet-free door surface creates smooth, uniform look
  • Tog-L-Lock fastening system provides strength to joints without burning or piercing the metal
  • Resilient vinyl weather strip attached to the door bottom with an aluminum retainer minimizes air infiltration
  • Optional, factory installed 1-1/2” thick polystyrene insulation with calculated R-value of 6.85 increases energy efficiency while reducing noise levels
  • Rigid white vinyl backing covers and protects the insulation and provides an attractive interior door finish


  • Standard widths: 8’, 9’, 10’, 16’, and 18’
  • Special order widths are available up to 20’
  • Standard heights: 6’6”, 7’, 7’6”, and 8’ or 8’2”

Number of Panels Across

  • Up to 10’ wide 4 panels
  • 12’ to 14’ wide 6 panels
  • 15’ to 18’ wide 8 panels
  • 20’ wide 10 panels


Door Colors

  • Arctic White
  • Almond
  • Deep Brown
  • Sandtone

Our SRP is available in four color choices. Although doors should not need repainting, if a custom color is required, our paint system provides an excellent base for any field applied paint.


 Window Options


Garage door windows have a great deal to do with the overall look of any garage door. General Doors’ SRP doors up to 10’ wide are available with either two windows (long panel) or four windows (short panel), plus several distinctive design trim styles that work with a variety of architecture. Wider doors have different layouts. Color matched frames and design trim inserts that snap-in and snap-out for easy glass cleaning are standard.

Top Quality Hardware

Heavy-duty track with a unique elliptical curve reduces the force necessary to roll the door along the track, making opening and closing easier and smoother. Full leaf, heavy gauge hinges offer superior strength and years of trouble-free operation.

There’s an SRP Door for Every Garage

Details distinguish well designed doors from ordinary doors. Compare the authentic raised panel appearance of our doors to any other.

  • Tog-L-Lock fastening system strengthens joints
  • 24-gauge steel is thicker and more dent resistant. Your door will look better longer
  • Durable two coat baked-on polyester finish on top of G40 hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Finely detailed wood grain texture and deeply embossed panels
  • Resilient vinyl weather strip minimizes air infiltration
  • 10-year limited warranty against rust-through.
  • Green Building Benefits such as energy savings from insulation value, local manufacturing, recycled content, and product longevity.

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