Advantage Garage Door

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a durable yet eye catching garage door, look no further. The Advantage Insulated Steel Raised Panel Garage Door blends a traditional look with efficient performance. Customize your door with unique designs, modifications, and hardware that fit the personal aesthetics of your home. These steel doors are sturdy, reliable, and built for appearance and long life. The Advantage model features panels with raised sections as a decorative element. These raised panels give the door depth and have a distinctive, classic look. Window options come in a variety of shapes and styles. They allow plenty of light to illuminate your garage and add detailing that is sure to set your door apart. These fully insulated doors have a high R- value for comfort and energy efficiency. An Advantage Insulated Steel Raised Panel Garage Door will not only increase the curb appeal of your abode, but it can enhance the safety of it as well. Advanced safety options and features decrease the risk of potential injury to you and your loved ones when operating your new garage door. Raised panel garage doors are quick and easy to install. They are affordable, low maintenance, and essentially the standard US garage door.

For homeowners or home builders who want the classic look of raised panel doors, the insulation value of a stable polystyrene core, and the strength and practicality of pre-finished steel, General Doors offers the Advantage Raised Panel line.


  • Sandwich-type construction with 1-3/8’’ polystyrene insulation, pressure bonded between two skins of 26- gauge (.017) G60 steel
  • Steel is rust-proofed with hot dipped galvanizing, pre-painted on both sides with a primer, and finished with a top coat of baked on polyester for an exterior paint thickness of 1.0 mil
  • Three-layer construction provides a calculated insulation value of R-6.7, along with exceptional strength and substantial, solid feel during operation
  • Finely detained wood grain surface with deeply embossed panels for sharp, well-defined appearance
  • Raised panel sizes of appropriate proportions and spacing ensure all door sizes have an authentic raised panel look
  • Double tongue and groove joint for the tightest section fit possible
  • Thermal break between steel skins
  • Also available in a flush version
  • Heavy duty hardware and commercial grade 14-gauge full leaf hinges are standard
  • Three year hardware warranty

Window Options


Garage door windows have a great deal to do with the overall look of any door.  General Doors’ Advantage doors up to 10’ wide are available with either two windows (long panel) or four windows (short panel), plus several distinctive design trim styles that work with a variety of architecture.  Wider doors have different layouts.  Color matched frames and design trim inserts that snap-in and snap-out for easy glass cleaning are standard.  Advantage windows are either single or insulated glass.

“Lifetime Rust-Through Warranty”

  • A standard feature of our Advantage is our tough, anti-corrosion protection- inside and out
  • 1-3/8” thick polystyrene inner core
  • Hot-dipped Zinc Coat (Galvanized)
  • Primer Coat
  • Baked-on Polyester Top  Coat

Our Advantage is available in four color choices.  Although doors should not need repainting, if a custom door is required, our paint system provides an excellent base for any field applied paint.


  • Arctic White
  • Almond
  • Deep Brown
  • Sandtone

Top Quality Hardware

Heavy-duty track with a unique elliptical curve reduces the force necessary to roll the door along the track, making opening and closing easier and smoother.  Full leaf, heavy gauge hinges offer superior strength and years of trouble-free operation.

There’s an Advantage Door for Every Garage

  • Sandwich-type construction with 26-gauge steel on both sides
  • Unique, double tongue-in-groove joint with thermal break
  • Durable two coat baked-on polyester finish on top of G-60 hot dipped galvanized steel, inside and out
  • Finely detailed wood grain texture and deeply embossed panels
  • Resilient vinyl weather strip minimizes air filtration

Details distinguish well designed doors from ordinary doors.  Compare the authentic appearance of our doors to any other.  Take advantage of our Lifetime limited warranty against rust-through and/or delamination of door face.  Advantage Estate doors have Green Building Benefits which consist of energy savings from insulation value, local manufacturing, recycled content, and product longevity.

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