Commercial garage doors need to be kept in good condition at all times to keep your employees and customers safe. Commercial garage doors are complex, with many different parts that need to be consistently reassessed for safety. When you're using your garage door day in and day out, the parts can start to wear down, which creates the risk of the door getting stuck. You don't want your employees to get stuck in or outside of the garage, and consistent professional screenings and maintenance will prevent this from happening.

At Above and Beyond Garage Doors, we offer professional maintenance and repair services for garage doors. Our expert licensed technicians will not only fix your current garage door issues, but we will also offer maintenance advice to prevent problems from happening again. We also offer regular inspections to identify problems with your garage door before they happen. You should never try and repair a commercial garage door yourself - they are made with heavy-duty parts and can be difficult or even dangerous to repair if you don't have professional experience.


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Commercial Garage Door Repair

Since you're using your garage door every single day, it's very normal for the parts to start to wear down over time. Above and Beyond Garage Doors will send a certified technician to your business on your schedule for maintenance or repairs. All of our technicians have extensive training with many different types of commercial garage doors. We bring all the necessary tools and equipment to you, and we'll repair your door efficiently so that you can get back to work. If your garage door is threatening the safety of your employees or customers, we can usually offer same-day emergency repairs throughout Long Island.

We work with many different manufacturers, so no matter what type of garage door your company has or what parts you use, our technicians will be able to make a repair or replacement. We'll quickly identify the cause of the problem and find the right solution, whether it's repairing broken parts, adjusting springs for quieter operation, or fixing faulty garage door openers. We also perform garage door installations. If your commercial garage door is particularly worn, you may want to consider replacing it instead of doing extensive repairs. We offer an excellent selection of new garage doors, which you can browse through here on our website.

Replacing Your Garage Door

If your commercial garage door has been in place for a long time, sometimes the best solution is to replace it. We offer a wide variety of garage door brands and styles, so you can choose the option that works best for your company. You will be able to choose from several different durable materials, including steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood, and more. We offer a range of different styles to choose from as well. If you want customers to be able to see into your showroom, consider a glass frame door, which uses glass panes in an aluminum frame. If your space is relatively small, you may consider rollup doors, which doesn't require the large tracks that other types of garage doors do. For many commercial spaces, a fire-rated door will be the best option, as it blocks noise and provides very strong insulation. These are just a few of the different types of commercial garage doors that we have available. Talk to our technicians to learn more about the different types of commercial garage doors and which one is going to be best for your needs.

Commercial garage door repair - inside

Parts We Repair

Commercial garage doors can be very complex with many different parts. We will repair the parts on your commercial garage door to keep it in the best possible working condition. We are familiar with parts from many different manufacturers, so regardless of what type of garage door you have, we will be able to replace it. Here are some of the key parts we repair on garage doors.

  • Pulleys
    Depending on what type of garage door you have, you likely have four pulleys on your garage door. Two are stationary and two are attached to pulley forks and springs on either side of the track.
  • Torsion springs
    These are essential for keeping your garage door operating safely. They balance the weight of the door while in operation by moving tension to the cable drums.
  • Extension springs
    These springs are attached to pulleys and cables to counterbalance the weight of the door. This keeps the door moving safely along the track. You may also have a pipe shaft connecting your pulleys and cables for counterbalance.
  • Cables
    These attach to springs and drums to move your garage door up and down on a track.
  • Rollers
    There are rollers on your garage door track to keep it moving smoothly. They can be made of nylon or steel. Steel is much more durable, but is very loud, whereas nylon is quieter but doesn't typically last as long.
  • Hinges
    Not all commercial garage doors use these, but some have sections where each slat is connected by hinges.
  • Sections
    Most garage doors are divided into sections or panels for flexibility. If you're having an issue with your garage door, you may just need to replace a section rather than the whole door.
  • Tracks
    The sections of your garage door are attached to tracks, which guide the door as it moves up and down.
  • Bottom bar
    This is a section of rubber or other sealing material attached to the bottom of your garage door. When the door is closed, it forms a seal to keep temperatures consistent and keep out pests, rain, and anything else that might make its way inside.
  • Vinyl weather striping
    This attaches to the outside of the door to keep temperatures and precipitation from outside from making their way inside.
  • Remote
    A device that opens and closes the garage door remotely. These can be used from a vehicle or from another point in the garage.
  • Keypad
    Works similarly to a remote, but is attached to the interior of the garage and can be used to open, close, lock, and unlock the door.
  • Safety sensors
    These sensors are attached to the garage track and will automatically stop the garage door from closing if there is something in the way.

We replace many different types of garage door openers, sections, tracks, and other garage door parts. Before we come to your home for repairs or maintenance, we will ask what brand of door and opener you have to ensure we bring the correct repair parts and tools. We also offer replacements for your garage door opener. We have several different types of garage door openers to choose from, and many of them use MyQ technology. This two-way communication technology can be accessed from your computer, smartphone, or tablet as well as from your opening device.

Have a question about your commercial garage door? Don't hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have about your door. While you shouldn't attempt to repair a commercial garage door on your own, we can provide maintenance advice to prevent problems from happening in the future. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial for garage door safety, particularly in a workplace environment. If you have an emergency with your garage door, be sure to let us know right away. We provide same-day emergency repairs to get your garage door back in working order.

What to Expect

When you need a commercial garage door repair, we will coordinate with your schedule and find the right time for our technicians to come to your business. We will perform an inspection, and if maintenance is necessary, we will perform it on-site to keep your garage door running smoothly. If there is an issue with your garage door, we will quickly find the source of the problem. If emergency repairs are necessary, we can do them on-site the same day, or schedule another time for a garage door repair. If the best solution is to replace the garage door or any of the major parts, we can also do that during a second appointment. Our friendly and helpful technicians will answer any questions you may have and give you tips to keep your garage door in good working condition.

Above and Beyond Garage Doors is the leading provider of commercial garage doors on Long Island. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, and are always ready to help with any of your garage door needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and find the perfect commercial garage door for your needs. We're committed to providing the best garage door service for our customers.

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