Broken Garage Door

Your garage door has dozens of parts that must be kept in working order to ensure safe operation. When something isn’t working right, you run the risk of trapping your car in the garage or being unable to close it. To prevent safety issues, it’s important to inspect the entire system and repair any parts that require maintenance.

Whether it’s a simple repair of your garage door opener, a faulty spring, or a weathered track, Above and Beyond Garage Doors can provide local, licensed technicians to resolve the issue. A broken garage door can be a simple repair or may require a new door installation. Before you write out a big check for a new door, call Above and Beyond Garage Doors. We offer free inspections and do-it-yourself advice for scrappy homeowners. If you can’t fix it, we can help.

Garage Door Repair

We know life happens. Maybe you have a noisy garage door, your teenager has run into the door and buckled it, or wear and tear has taken its toll on the parts. Whatever the story is, we’ll listen when we come out to do a free inspection or make a house call to fix your ailing garage door or garage door opener.

Garage Door Repair Before and After

Garage Door Repair Before and After
Repaired by Above & Beyond

Above and Beyond Garage Doors only sends fully trained technicians to your home. We know you are busy, so we come to your home with all the parts and equipment we need to do the job right the first time. If your home’s safety and security are comprised, we offer same-day emergency repairs in most areas on Long Island.

Refer to the Parts section to learn about the main components that make your garage door tick. Our technicians are familiar with almost all manufacturers on the market, and they are able to replace broken springs, rollers and cables that compromise the operation of your garage door. Whether you have damaged hinges, inoperable sensors or worn weather seals, we will get your garage door working in optimal condition again.

Call us today if you need help adjusting garage door tracks and springs to keep down the noise or replacing loud steel springs with quieter nylon ones that operate more smoothly. We work with most major manufacturers of garage door openers. So, if you’re having a problem with your remote or keypad, we can fix it.

Above and Beyond Garage Doors technicians can help you with a variety of garage brands and styles, and configurations. If you need to replace your existing garage doors, browse through our online options. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call.

Broken Garage Door Panels

What to expect

We only send courteous, experienced technicians to your home. When an above and Beyond Garage Doors technician arrives, we can do any of the following, depending on what you decide:

  • Our technicians will diagnose the issue and walk you through what’s required to fix it. If you decide to let us hand it, we will try to fix it the same day to save you time and hassle.
  • If the damage poses a threat to your home or family, we will perform emergency repairs to ensure your safety. Replace the garage door, door opener or any other parts required. New garage door installations may require a second appointment.
  • Inspection and maintenance to keep your garage doors operating smoothly.

Replacing Your Garage Door

If you are looking to replace your existing doors, we have a wide variety of new door brands and styles.

Garage door material

  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

Garage door styles

  • Aluminum doors with glass panels
  • Short panel Colonial
  • Ranch or long panel
  • Carriage style
  • Steel with vinyl overlays
  • Colors and patterns

Broken garage door pulleys

Commercial Garage Doors

Our technicians can repair and replace commercial garage doors as well. If you own a garage, warehouse or other business and have questions about your maintenance and upgrade options, give us a call today: 631-736-0369.


Here are just some of the parts that we repair and replace.

  • Pulleys
    Extension spring doors usually have four pulleys: two pulleys attached to pulley forks that attach to springs on both sides of the track, and two stationary pulleys on each track.
  • Torsion springs
    Centered above the garage door on a shaft, which runs through each spring. This moves tension from the springs to the cable drums, which pull on the door to balance its weight while in operation.
  • Extension springs
    Counterbalance the weight of doors so they open and close more easily. They are stretched with pulleys and cables.
  • Cables
    The torsions spring winds the cable onto a drum to lower and raise your garage door.
  • Rollers
    Using nylon garage door rollers keeps noise down. Steel garage door rollers last longer but are much louder.
  • Hinges
    Most residential garage doors are connected by hinges (16- or 18-gauge is typical).
  • Sections
    You can replace individual sections, usually with reinforced steel panels that connect to the rollers and hinges.
  • Tracks
    Guide the sections to lower or raise the door.
  • Bottom rubber
    Flexible material that is compresses when you close the garage door. Forms a seal to keep out water, dirt, pests, and rain.
  • Vinyl weather stripping
    Attaches to angle iron outside the door.
  • Remote
    Remote unit to open garage door from inside your car or home.
  • Keypad
    Wall-mounted keypad to open door without the remote.
  • Safety sensors
    Project a light beam on the inside of the door, and the door automatically reverses if something or someone is in the way to avoid hitting them.
  • Gear kits
    Used for replacements in garage door opener repair.
  • Wall stations
    Wall switch used to open the garage door.

Broken Torsion Coil

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener remote is basically a radio transmitter, and most modern garage door openers operate at a frequency of 315 MHz. After the remote sends a signal to the garage door opener, the opener receives the signal and activates the equipment to open the door.

Our technicians can repair residential and commercial garage door openers and keypads. Before we come to your home, we make sure our trucks are fully stocked to repair all major brands and configurations.

Brands Supported

Above and Beyond technicians are most familiar with the following brands. The list is not comprehensive, so if you don’t see your brand or don’t remember it, contact us for more details.

Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

If you need to replace your equipment, we offer a variety of brands and configurations. Many of our remotes come with MyQ technology, using two-way communication to control your garage door opener, gate operator, and lights. MyQ can be controlled and accessed remotely via your web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • 3585 Elite Series opener uses a ¾ HP Belt Drive for quiet, powerful lift. Great for heavy doors.
  • 8500 Elite Series wall mount has a standby for power outages. Compact design. MyQ technology enabled.
  • 8550 Elite Services opener has a DC chain drive and battery backup. Quiet, time feature available. MyQ Technology enabled.
  • 8557 – Elite Series has a ¾ HP AC Belt Drive for quiet and powerful life for heavy doors and in high-wind areas.
  • 8355 – Premium Series has a ½ HP AC Belt Drive that you can open, close or monitor from your web-enabled smartphone, computer or tablet. MyQ Technology enabled.
  • 8360 – Premium Series has a DC chain drive and power backup. MyQ technology enabled.

    Garage Door Crash

Do It Yourself

Here’s a quick maintenance guide to keep your garage doors operating in peak condition.

Check the metal tracks that are located inside your garage for dents.

  • Examine the mounting brackets to ensure that are secured firmly to the walls. Tighten loose screws or bolts on the brackets.
  • Close the garage door and inspect the tracks for damage. This could include crimps, dents, or flat spots.
  • If the track is smooth and unimpaired, no maintenance is required. Use a rubber mallet or hammer and a small block of wood to pound out dents.
  • If you have a badly damaged track or can’t repair the impairments, the track needs to be replaced.

Check that the tracks are properly aligned:

  • Use a level to check the horizontal and vertical portions of the track for alignment. Remember that horizontal tracks are supposed to slant downward at the rear of the garage. If you have roll-up doors, the vertical sections should be 100 percent plumb.
  • Check the height of both tracks on the garage walls. They should match.
  • To adjust the track alignment, loosen (don’t remove) the screws or bolts securing the mounting brackets, then lightly tap each track into alignment.
  • Use your level to re-check both sides prior to tightening the screws or bolts at the mounting brackets.

Clean both tracks with a concentrated household cleaner to get rid of dirt and excess grease. Don’t forget to wipe down the rollers. Then, dry the tracks and rollers to prevent rust or corrosion. This helps keep down the resistance and noise while you’re operating the garage door opener.

If one side of the door sags, checking the hinges usually resolves the problem. If you notice that one of the screw holes appears to be enlarged, replace the existing screw with a longer one with a longer one. You can dip a hollow fiber plug into carpenters' glue and place the new screw inside the plug for long-lasting results.

Many people like to tackle home repairs and installations. Check out our DIY section on garage door repair or more great ideas on how to save money on simple repairs.

Contact Us for Your DIY, Repair and Maintenance Questions

We would love to hear from you regarding your questions and any feedback on our products or services. Let us know if you find what you’re looking for or need additional guidance. Best of all, we are available for free home consultations anytime.

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