Garage Door Maintenance

Overhead garage doors experiences more wear than any other part of your home. Over 1000 opens and closes per year, providing convenience and security. However a neglected garage door system will be noisy and unsafe. Let our professionals inspect and maintain your doors for peak performance and safety.

Garage door maintenance

Inspect your door's hardware

  • Inspect and tighten all roller brackets and the bolts that hold the rails to the support brackets
  • Replace broken rollers by removing and reinstalling the roller bracket
  • Replace lift cables with broken strands

Maintain springs, chains and seals

  • Lubricate the chain or screw, if required
  • Lubricate the springs to reduce wear
  • Replace the bottom weather seal if it's dry/brittle and worn

Garage door spring maintenance

Safety Check

  • Test your door
  • Test the auto reverse feature
  • Check for / Install lift handles if needed
  • Check for / mount an extension spring containment cable on extension spring- type doors
  • Check that the cable is through the extension spring and bolted to the other end to the upper support bracket